Google Summer of Code 2019

Work Product Submission

Ciao Ciao GSoC

Google Summer Of Code has been a positive source for me in every sense. I had an opportunity to be mentored by 2 amazing mentors. It will always be on the upper side of my achievements list. This journey was full of highs and lows but this program, with the support of my mentors gave me the ability to convert setbacks into comebacks.

My main deliverable was to complete design-react-kit and bring it to a stable state. With every progressive phase, I worked with dedication to achieve this goal component by component. During my journey, I fixed many components such as Select, Progress, Popover, etc. I made new components such as Autocomplete, Sidebar, Spinners, etc.

Working for an Italian organization and creating documentation was challenging but surely satisfying. It enabled me to learn a few words, if not all!

So here, I am signing off this GSoC, with few Italian words, Italian friends and a hefty volume of code.

What’s done?

  • Completed the design-react-kit for a major release.

  • Documented usage of components.

  • Merge branch next to master and publish a new major version.

  • Blogs about my progress and experience.

What’s left?

Some of these points required kit to be in a stable state before we could complete them.

  • Create a SlackBitz app to display usage of design-react-kit.

  • Add Typescript typings support.



Thanks Developers Italia for providing such a learning opportunity and experience.